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Breakout in Sector IVA (2000 points)

A late January winter storm has swept into the area carrying bitter freezing rain accompanied with heavy snow and blustery winds. One army has been surrounded in a pocket and the two armies are dug into their foxholes at a standstill, gathering their breath and resources. However, the surrounded force has decided to breakout before their troops become too weary and equipment losses too great to remain an effective fighting force. After deliberation, the beleaguered HQ staff has decided they will make their breakout in Sector IVA. Throughout the night they gather their troops and with the faint early morning light ...

    Before the game begins a player will roll a die to determine wind direction, the opposing player can agree to the wind direction or request a re-roll. A re-rolled determination will be final.

    Players will roll a die, winner of the die roll will be designated the Attacker.

    No objective markers are used .. the army trying to break out (the Attacker) will need to get at least 1/3 of their force moved off the opposite (Defenders) long table edge.

    Team(s) placement begins with the Defender, alternating with the Attacker, placing one platoon at a time.

    Double-time movement is not available/can not be used in this scenario.

    Sniper team(s) only may be deployed within no-man's land but not closer than 12 inches to an enemy team.

    All aircraft requests will be on a Sporadic basis.

    - Chooses which long table edge will be their long table edge and may set up within 12 inches of the long table edge.
    - Attacker may choose up to of their platoons as reserve forces.


    - Positions their force within 18 inches of the opposite long table edge.
    - All teams are in dug-in status, if desired.
    - The defender may choose one platoon as a reserve force.
    - No fortifications will be used.
    - All defenders tracked or wheeled equipment will begin the game in a bogged status.
    - All defenders will begin the game in a pinned status regarding ROF only. Roll to unpin to obtain regular ROF.

    Due to the snow falling, visibility is reduced to 20 inches maximum.
    Smoke bombardments and Mortar fire placement will drift 1D6-1 inches with wind direction.
    Add one to the chance of bogging tracked or wheeled equipment due to thick snow drifts.

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